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ViciousXUSMC Nova Cisco Certified CompTia Certified Powershell Expert Microsoft Certified Linux Certified VMWare vCenter

About Me

My name is Patrick Mosley, better known online as ViciousXUSMC

I am the owner/operator for ViciousComputers. I have been chasing my passion of IT and all things super nerdy for over 20 years.

I served in the United States Marine Corps right out of highschool, thus where my handle ViciousXUSMC got the "USMC" part.

My YouTube channel is very tech focused with guides/tutorials on how to do complex things where I make them easy. I love to learn and I have a personal saying "The best way to learn is to teach."

I have been growing professionally in the corporate / enterprise world taking on roles to build, configure and manage complex datacenter servers, storage, and networking.

I have a heavy focus on Networking technologies like Cisco, and VM technologies like VMWare.

Some personal skills I have found very handy is complex coding and automation, and I will always be using and learning Linux systems.


Here is just a short laundry list of things I do/like that I consider myself above average in:

Computer Scripting/Automation
IT Consulting
Network Configuration
Computer Scripting/Automation
Computer Building & Troubleshooting
Network Infrastructure Design/Implementation
Windows and Linux Operating Systems
Server Design and Implementation
Open Source Program Usage and Knowledge
Audio Gear like Microphones & Headphones/Speakers
Breakfix on any Computer
Data Backup/Restore
Disaster Recovery
VMWare vCenter
Microsoft SCCM
Dell K1000 K2000